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Logistics for Solar, Wind, Energy Storage Systems and more

Ascent is a recognized leader in expedite logistics - executing over 500,000 freight moves each year. Powered by an innovative technology platform and backed by our own airline, we help over 4,000 customers solve complex logistics challenges.

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Elevating a world powered by green energy logistics

At Ascent, our industry experts and state-of-the-art technology help you move energy products forward, both reliably and sustainably. It’s our priority to source you the best transportation at the lowest rates, while also adopting better practices to responsibly improve the health of our planet.

We work with industry OEMs as well as energy storage, biogas, hydrogen and offshore wind manufacturers to deliver cost effective solutions that will help the world toward a more sustainable future.

Our team have an established offering of equipment to meet oversized and over-weight needs as well. Our logistics solutions and wealth of knowledge offer our customers the level of support and visibility to an industry that is rapidly changing.

Renewable energy products that we move

To drive the energy transition, we can help you move sustainable technologies quickly and cost-effectively.

Related products we move include:


Gas and Steam Power


Small Modular Reactors


Battery Energy Storage Systems

Power Grids

Oil and Gas

Source SmartWay® carriers with the PEAK Bid Board

Our proprietary Bid Board technology, PEAK, connects you to a network of SmartWay® ground and air carriers. The competitive freight marketplace provides a seamless way for shippers to meet your needs and access best-in-market rates across multiple modes of transportation.

PEAK benefits include:

  • Visibility – Choose carriers that are SmartWay® transport partners
  • Monitoring – Receive real-time tracking, monitoring and alerts
  • Documentation – All of your shipping e-documents in one place
  • Reporting – Custom reports and data insights for better forecasting
  • Integration – Fully integrate into your own IT systems

Reducing our impact

We have committed to the US EPA SmartWay Transportation Partnership that we will contribute to the wider organizational goals and give our clients the ability to view and select assets that are directly contributing to this goal and help them report on how their transport decisions are positively impacting the environment.

We collaborate with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution by using advanced technologies that save fuel and reduce emissions involved with transporting goods.

Ascent is a SmartWay® Transport Partner

Award winning customer service

We are a recognized supplier of the year for multiple Fortune 500 companies and a partner to thousands of small and medium-sized businesses.

Ascent was recognized as a top supplier by Ford at its annual World Excellence Wards, winning the in the ‘Create Must-Have Products’ category. This is the eighth time that Ascent has received a World Excellence Award from Ford.

Ascent was among just 122 suppliers from 16 countries recognized in GM’s Supplier of the Year awards. The annual awards highlight global suppliers that exceed GM’s requirements and provide innovative technologies. This is the eighth time Ascent has been recognized.

Ascent was awarded ‘Achieving Excellence’ Partner status by John Deere for the seventh consecutive year. In 2016, Ascent was awarded the coveted ‘Supplier of the Year’ award – given to just one supplier in each category – and admitted to John Deere’s Hall of Fame in 2019, which recognizes organizations that achieve ‘Achieving Excellence’ Partner status five years in a row.

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