Airline Operations and Safety

Pioneering safety in air cargo

USA Jet has become North America’s premier on-demand cargo airline, renowned for our steadfast commitment to safety and excellence. With our primary operations centered at Willow Run Airport in Belleville, MI as part of the Ascent Global Logistics team, we have strategically positioned ourselves as a leader in the air cargo industry. Our relentless dedication to safety protocols and a comprehensive approach to operations have propelled us to the forefront of the market, offering reliable and efficient cargo services across North America.

Our Safety Policy

Our organization is firmly committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. Safety is a core value of USA Jet Airlines and we view no mission or activity to be so important or time-critical that it cannot be accomplished safely.

This objective is only made possible by the active involvement of all employees at all levels of our organization. We understand that our success as an air carrier is directly attributed to maintaining a proactive safety culture in every area of our operation, including:

  • Foster an open, just and reporting safety culture, and always promote this culture in a positive way.
  • Ensure that all employees are provided with the tools necessary to safety perform their duties.
  • Enforce all establish carrier, policies and procedures.
  • Remain alert to operational, safety hazards, an employer, effective medication, steps, when and where ever possible. Operations found to continue hazards in the unacceptable range (as outlined in our safety policy) must be ceased immediately.
  • Ensure all affected personnel are educated in USA Jet Airlines’ safety processes and conduct effective trend monitoring as required.
  • Strive for continuous improvement in the safety performance of USA Jet Airlines.
In addition, we both ask and expect all USA Jet employees to do their part in contributing to the success of the above listed policy. The most important elements being adherence to established safety policies and reporting all identified hazards to USA Jet management as soon as they are discovered.

Operation functions

At USA Jet, lift optimization is a core focus, employing advanced technologies and strategic methodologies to maximize cargo capacity while ensuring operational efficiency. Through meticulous planning and innovative techniques, we continually refine our approach to lift optimization, enhancing payload capabilities, crew support and streamlining air logistics for superior performance.

USA Jet’s flight-following operations exemplify precision and responsiveness, leveraging cutting-edge tracking systems and dedicated personnel to monitor flights in real time. With an unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency, we ensure meticulous oversight of our aircraft, employing sophisticated technologies and a skilled team to maintain proactive and comprehensive flight-tracking operations.

USA Jet’s airline operations training department stands as a cornerstone of excellence, fostering a culture of expertise and proficiency among its personnel. With a comprehensive curriculum and seasoned instructors, the department ensures that every aspect of airline operations meets the highest safety, precision and efficiency standards. Through innovative training methodologies, owning its own simulators, coupled with a commitment to continual improvement, USA Jet’s training department equips its workforce with the knowledge and skills vital for delivering top-tier performance in the dynamic aviation industry.

USA Jet’s crew scheduling team operates at the forefront of efficiency and adaptability, orchestrating seamless crew assignments while prioritizing regulatory compliance and crew well-being. Utilizing state-of-the-art scheduling software and a deep understanding of aviation regulations, the team meticulously crafts schedules that optimize crew availability and expertise, ensuring smooth operations and maintaining the highest safety standards. Their adeptness in managing complexities and their commitment to balancing operational needs with crew preferences exemplify the team’s dedication to harmonizing schedules and fostering a resilient, high-performing workforce.

Compliance measures and security protocols

Our safety and security blueprint is to ensure strict compliance with industry-specific laws and regulations set forth by organizations like the TSA and FAA. We achieve this by providing annual training and regular assessments to our employees to keep them informed about compliance requirements.

Additionally, we review our compliance policies to address any weaknesses and stay up-to-date with evolving regulations. The main challenges we face include adapting to rapidly changing regulations, often driven by geopolitical risks like cyberattacks, and developing and implementing security measures within the timelines specified by regulatory bodies.

Our advantage as an on-demand operation lies in our crew, who are extensively trained in security protocols, following TSA guidelines.